One of our first clients. We have created a full 360 degree portfolio for QSI. We run their social media and create all content as well as google ads and strategic events coordination and graphic design. Check out their Instagram page for a sample of our work. Bright, colourful, student centered ... showing the unique offering of this boutique international school.



We were brought on board to shoot this two day event. The objective was to show the competition and camaraderie of this grueling cross fit challenge in a crowded, fast paced setting. Everything from the colour grading and pacing to the music has an effect on getting the desired outcome.



We put this project together for British International School Phukets' Summer Camp. Filmed over the span of a month at one of the most beautiful school locations in Phuket. We set out to exhibit the look and feel of one of South East Asias most successful summer camps utilizing everything in our arsenal, from drones and 360 degree cameras to gimble stabilized hand held footage.



This visually stunning restaurant, along with its creative, mouthwatering food is an easy product to highlight. The challenge is to elevate and innovate in a very saturated market. We work closely with the creative team to find a number of solutions to increase exposure through social media, google ads and a number of in house events.



We helped build this brand from the ground up. From look and feel to logo and web design we set out to create an aspirational events company that gives an immediate an unforgettable impression of elevated and bespoke experiences for each and every customer.